She then gave birth to two boys

## ## TADH welcomes its first newborn of the decade

The first baby delivered at Timmins and District Hospital in 2020 was a preemie named Reena Crawford.

Charlene Crawford from Cochrane gave birth to the healthy baby girl on New Year Day. Crawford said Reena made the entry a month earlier than expected, as the baby girl was due on Feb. 6.

Crawford explained she waited seven years for another daughter as her first child was a baby girl born seven years ago. She then gave birth to two boys.

Charlene said though Reena was born a month early there were no complications in her delivery.

came to Timmins hospital on Dec. 12 and they flew me out to Sudbury because I was in pre term labour as they could only handle babies at 34 weeks here so, I was in Sudbury for two weeks, Charlene explained. got to go home on the Dec. 23. I was back admitted here on the 27 because my water broke and made it to 31 and then Reena was born on Jan 1.

worked out really good. Everyone pulled together for this little one coming early and the kids are really excited for their little sister to come home, said Crawford.

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